Change Background in Microsoft Teams While Using GGC Licensing

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I am trying to get to the bottom of this, but I have not found any information from Microsoft about it. If an account is licensed with a GGC license in Office 365 and they use Microsoft Teams, does that restrict their ability to set a background image while on video calls? I confirmed the blur background option works, and a Business Standard licensed user has this option, but I am unable to get users with a GGC license to use this.


I'm at the point of abandoning this right now, which is fine, I would just prefer to get outside input first. Thanks!

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The roadmap does not mention GCC for this feature, so I guess it is not available in those tenants yet. GCC is usually mentioned in the roadmap when features are rolled out to those tenants and often they get an separate roadmap item a couple of weeks/months after the Standard Multi-Tenants.

This has been frustrating for us as well. The way teams is versioned and updated is about as clear as mud and the GCC situation just makes it muddier. I can only assume that when logged in with a GCC licensed user the "Change Background" option is disabled for some reason. If I log into the same Teams client with my personal, consumer licensed 365 account, I get the ability to change my background. But as soon as I log out and log back in with my Work, GCC licensed account, that option changes back to just "Blur My Background". It's so odd that this behavior would change based on 365 Platform since as far as I know, this ability is a client side only feature and doesn't break the security model of GCC. Would be nice if someone from MS could chime in on what is going on here.