Centering Images in Office 365 Outgoing Emails

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I have looked in Microsoft support, other forums, watched YouTube videos, and even looked into the support section of Hubspot for my answer, to no avail.


I am sending out messages in template form to potential clients through Hubspot, and after inputting the template, I just have to add a photo and give it a link for people to click on. Everything works just fine and they are able to click on the photo and open the link, except I see that after I send them through Hubspot and check my SENT folder in Office 365, I see that all the images are not centered anymore like I had them in Hubspot.


In the forums on Hubspot, it states that Outlook and Office 365 are the only email clients that don't seem to support an image being displayed centered, and it really makes my professional email look unprofessional. I really would like to be able to have my images centered went sent, but cannot find my solution anywhere!


Could anyone send me the information and setup I need to accomplish this?


Screenshot_2019-02-12 eddiespaghetti007 yahoo com - Yahoo Mail.png

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