Cannot perform to trust a macro Excel file

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I am not sure this forum is correct for me to post the Excel 2016 problem, there is a macro Excel file .xlsm that I have been using it for few years in company, but recently, when I open the file, it show a pink color bar on the top and the message is "Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted.", OK, I searched some solutions from any websites, they all said...please go to Excel > Options >Trust center > trust center settings...Macro settings -> Enable all macro, no luck.


Try to add network drive on "Trusted location" but it doesn't accept network drive.

On "Trusted documents" item, I tried to enable "Allow documents on a network to be trusted" but still no luck.


can someone let me know what is going on on Excel 2016 ? Also, the weird thing is when I copy this macro file to another computer which runs Excel 2019, everything is OK.


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Hi @liyy23,


I had the same problem today. I got the message, but wasn't able to add the network share to my trusted locations. When you click on "Learn more" it gives you the instructions how to add a trusted website, but it works similar with network shares. 

Click the start button and search for internet properties. In the tab Security, choose the icon for "Local Intranet" and klick "Sites", "Advanced" and add the network share, e.g. \\\Sharename or the drive letter of a mapped share. That's it, now you can open the document with macros.

Hi UweThiess,

Follow to your instructions, it works now, many thankssssssssssssssss.

Hello, @liyy23, the workaround on your issue is remapping the network drive to the fileserver name first and then adding that mapped directory to the trusted locations in excel.


Mapped Location:


\\fileserver\networkdirectory and not \\[]\networkdirectory


Check this useful thread for more details. Thanks to Uwe Thiess for giving a meaningful solution to your problem, but maybe my answer will be also helpful to the users.


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Hello@Terry_Lazer , I will try it, many thanks.

I started getting this message September 2 with files stored in onedrive. Even though the local onedrive folder is set up as a trusted source. Also, I don't see the file security property mentioned in MS documention and other posts.