Cannot cancel Microsoft 365 trial

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I've been trying to cancel my MS 365 subscription but I keep getting this error on the Manage page:


Can someone please help? Thanks.

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@Vasil Michev 

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I tried this several times today, (I reside in Australia) around 1PM to 3PM and I got until the "Cancellation of subscriptions" option, but afterwards, the call always just drops. I'm expecting that an agent will at least pickup, or an automated service will say that all agents are busy but the call always drops after around 2 minutes of complete silence.

Not sure what to do next. Can you please advise? I don't know if I can email somewhere to have my issue addressed. Thanks.

EDIT: Figured out the issue now. It turns out that I'm using another account as the "main" account and I should cancel the subscription from there and not on the other account.

The error message should be clear, though. That "something went wrong on our end" message and trace number is misleading. They should replace it with something more straightforward.