cannot add account in outlook in office365

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I want to add an account in outlook 365.


However, an error message was prompted saying that my security certificate was expired.


What should I do?

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I would suggest that you try to use the tool here in setting up your account:


Might be helpful if you take a screenshot of the error message and post it here. Another thing is if your email address domain is used as a website as well, verify if the certificate of the website is still valid.



In addition to what was suggested above, also try and disable any firewall/antivirus on your network. Then check the behavior  


A long time ago my Microsoft Account was a Google email address: . Then I created account with the previous address as backup. I recently removed Gmail address as secondary. However now Outlook Microsoft 365, when I added as Gmail account, adding does nothing - no error - it seems outlook account is still recognized as gmail one through my old PST files stored in the disk. Windows 10 Outlook have no such problem- Gmail and Outlook accounts are separate.

What shall I do get account in Outlook Microsoft 365?