Can we prevent Microsoft Teams from rolling out to computers?

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Hello,  our organization uses Microsoft Office 365 Business, and we run our on in house Exchange and Skype for Business servers.  We are on the standard release track and I've noticed that some computers are beginning to get Microsoft teams installed without our consent.  We do not need Microsoft Teams, nor can we use it with just the standard Business tier of Office 365.  Where can I go to prevent this from installing on our computers, or if you have an uninstall string I can put it in a login or logoff script a silent msiexec /x {GUID} for both the Machine teams wide installer and the users Microsoft Teams.


Thank you.

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Yeah, it’s now included in the office install!

Read here for custom installs etc:
Thank you!

There’s new admx group policy templates. This should work until we are ready to investigate this new “teams” app. I think it looks interesting but it’s not something we are quite ready to dive into yet.