Can't simply search for and view others' calendars

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Office365 calendar web app seems to have changed so I can no longer just search for a colleague's calendar and view it on top of mine. The search is now just searching calendar items, which isn't something I need to do often. If I need to view a colleague's calendar I need to go to import calendar, which first shows me lots of sports to choose from, from where I have to find "From directory" before being able to search for my colleague's name. This seems like a hugely retrograde step. Is this supposed to be a work tool? It doesn't seem to be configured that way. I work with a few hundred people, so selecting from the list of "My calendars" (if I've previously looked at theirs) is not an option. It used to be great, but if I could use a different app for work calendars I would right now.

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Request your colleagues to Share there calendar with  you. This option is at the top right of the calendar view. @mffff 

@Paras Dodhia 

All the calendars are shared, it just takes too long to add them to the calendar. I have a list of about 50 down the left side of the panel (My calendars) but no way to quickly get the one I want.

I'd agree that going over all those additional steps is a bit annoying... Best leave feedback on the new experience directly from OWA, or over at UserVoice.