Can't sign in using Android Q (10)



Not really sure where to post this, I will give it a shot here. 

We started testing Android Q (specifically Pixel 3a 29) And I cannot seem to be able to sign in to any Office App. 

Outlook throws a generic "an error occurred" error

Admin app throws "Something went wrong. Try again"

Teams gets a bit more specific by saying,  "Application needs to enforce intune protection policies "


(We do not use intune)


Any idea how we can proceed?



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What type of account are you using to sign in? Work or Personal? Was this account recently provisioned? @shimshey 

FYI, I'm using Android Q fine on a Pixel 2 with Outlook, office apps and Teams, using my O365 work account.

@Paras Dodhia 


I am using a work account.... Has been provisioned and successfully used on other Android platforms.. 

@Rob Ellis Have you signed in after upgrading to Q? or You are still signed in from before?

The accounts were present on the phone already - but I have been prompted for credentials since the upgrade to Q.

@Rob Ellis 


I have the same problem, but on Android 9 (Samsung 10e).

Did you manage to fix it?