Can't send mail from printer with office365 account from company but other 365 accounts work

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I have a kyocera printer M6235cidn. I want to send scans from the printer with my office 365 mail account. This doesn't work from any of my office365 company accounts but from other 365 tenant accounts it works. I disabled 2FA, I'm sure the password is correct. I have tried multiple users from this companys account. None work. As soon as I try other 365 accounts it works with no problems. What could the issue be?


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How are you configuring this, I assume via direct send? If so, make sure that SMTP authentication is enabled:

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Sorry for my late response. This is already activated:


smtp settings.png



Does the printer support TLS1.2? You can also try running a message trace and see if there are any details about said messages therein: