can't retrieve trusted IP using powershell


I am trying to get Trusted IP list. I run the powershell command Get-CsTenantTrustedIPAddress -Tenant xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx, but it returns nothing.

Anyone know what I am missing? 

Thanks in advance 


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Thanks Andres for your help.
No, This is a good point. I checked the trusted IPs using Azure portal Security -> Conditional Access -> Named locations ->Configure MFA trusted IPs. There is no trusted IPs listed there.
Hello px091,

The cmdlet -CsTenantTrustedIPAddress is exclusive of Microsoft Teams.

From your message, it seems you are trying to configure MFA trusted IPs?
I am trying to configure dynamic emergency calling.

Trusted IP addresses contain a collection of the internet external IP addresses of the enterprise network and are used to determine if the user's endpoint is inside the corporate network.

I need to get the list of trusted IPs, And enter those information into teams admin center->Location->Network toplogy->Trusted IPs
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Ok I think I understand better now
Essentially you need to define those Trusted IPs

You can find more information here
Thank Andres for your help and information!