Can't find project or library

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Hello Everyone,


I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, so please excuse me if I'm not.  It's Office related but not technically Office 365 I think.


I have several copies of an Excel model that continues macros.  Usually, they work fine but every once in a while, when I open one in Excel 2013, I get the error "Can't find project or library".  Then, my file is unable to be saved from that point due to corruption.  I cannot save it as a macro-free "xlsx" file either due to the errors.


I can work around the problem by opening my file in Excel 2010, then re-saving it.  This fixes the problem for the corrupted file as if it never happened.  However, I have several members on my team who do not have Excel 2010 and are therefore stuck with a corrupted file or they have to send it to me for a fix.


I tried to follow the directions online:  Alt-F11 to go to Visual Basic, click "Tools", "References" and unselect any libraries not found.  But, the "References" menu will not load when I'm in one of my corrupted files.  When I click "References" it simply returns me to the Visual Basic window without bringing up the menu.


I don't want to have to remove my macros from my models since they're very useful but I can't have my models randomly corrupting themselves like this for my team members.  Please help!




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