Can't add Office365 account to Android

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I've been failing to sync my outlook calendar with my google calendar. I find it very important to view both my personal and professional appointments in one environment, so this is much of a nuisance.

The reason I can't, I'm assuming, is because I can't add my Office365 account to my mobile accounts tab (alongside Gmail, Twitter and other accounts). I always get the same error message: "The connection to your mail server timed out. Please check your mail server". The thing is my mail server seems to be okay, as I am able to log in to my Outlook account properly (in my Outlook  mobile app as well).


Forgive me if this is not the right environment for this kind of query, but if any of you have come across the same issue, I'd very much appreciate.


Thank you.



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Hi @aliceduque ,

Are we talking about a mail account or an Office 365 (Onedrive etc) one?