Can one user have multiple Office 365 (Business/Enterprise) subscription?

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Dear ALL,


A company buy Microsoft 365 Business Basic (Exchange, Teams, OneDrive services is included, but only eligible to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint online) for 10 users.


After several months, these 10 users need to have Word, Excel, PowerPoint installed in their computers.


Can the company just buy additional subscription (which is Microsoft 365 Apps for business) and then assign this subscription to these 10 users.


So the users will have two subscription : Microsoft 365 Business Basic for Exchange, Teams and OneDrive services, and Microsoft 365 Apps for business for installing Word, Excel and PowerPoint in their computers.


Thank you.

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Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. You can mix Business/Enterprise licenses as you see fit.

Further inquiry : about the OneDrive, will it still be 1 TB for one user? Or will it be 2 TB for one user?

@Sasolin You could do this but then you'll be paying the Microsoft Business 365 Basic plus the apps where as upgrading to a Business Standard licence which includes the apps is cheaper than the Apps addon alone.



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OneDrive will get the quota allowed by the enterprise license, which depending on the type can range from 1TB to unlimited. But quotas (and features in general) are not additive.