Can no longer change Outlook data file

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I had to reset my computer and re-install Office 365.  I have a number of separate email accounts and used one data file for multiple accounts.  This was possible a few months ago.  In the current version of Outlook I can no longer access the fully manual setup where I can select the data file to be used.  Rather, the system is now semi-automatic and assigns a separate new data file for each account, without any way for the user to change it.  Does anyone know how/where I can still change the data file to be used?

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Following up.  After a lengthy chat with MS support, I learned the following:

1) In previous versions the user could browse to and select a PST file associated with the email account in question as part of the email account setup process.  This is no longer user accessible.  The system assigns a file, whether the user wants it or not.  The issue can be resolved however, by deleting the unwanted  PST data file.  Messages then go to the one remaining open file

2) Unclear as of now what happens if you leave more than one file but delete some.  Where do the messages then go?

3) If there is any documentation on this feature (or the lack of a feature), no one seems to know where it is.


In the for whatever it is worth category, MS has now added at least some "documentation".  When you delete an unwanted data file created by the system, there is a dialog box explaining that messages will be going to the PST file of the default account.

Better, but still a little skimpy as you first have to figure out that you need to delete the file manually.