Can I hide entire mailbox calendar and contacts in the user profile of the owner?


I have a number of customers at different companies with multiple email accounts in their outlook profiles.   A lot of them are getting frustrated about calendar events being scheduled in the wrong calendar (they really only want one instead of 3 or 4 calendars.    If you are in the non default mailbox and get a calendar even it will want to put it in that accounts calendar.     Some only sync one calendar and contacts on their phone to avoid confusion.     They'd love to be able to hide an entire calendar (not just the events in it but the possibility of using it or accidentallys sechduling something in it using Outlook.


Is this currently a feature.   This seems to be a more frequent request for me these days.

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When you open Outlook and switch to the Calendar tab, you can press the top left button to get a list of all calendars, and toggle each one on/off as needed. Or do you mean something else entirely?
Yes - the end users often go to the wrong calendar when they receive and invite due to the mailbox it comes in - they want to make it so no matter what mailbox gets the invite it always goes to the default mailbox calendar. Likewise for contacts. They don't want outlook to know the other calendar and contacts exists. Under no combination of keystrokes, no email, no email attachment, no click of a mouse do they want those other mailbox calendars and contacts visiible. THey need the other mailboxes seperated but they only want ONE calendar and ONE contact location. On you phone you get to select what you sync mail, calendar, contacts, I dont' see a way of telling outlook - using activesync not to sync the other items and make them vislible. They dont' want pop or imap or anything but activesync.