Can an email address have multi display names?

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My company uses Office 365 Exchange Online plan 1, create email accounts, manage groups, etc., everything is OK, but I have a question?


I saw some email senders from their customer service, they use the same email address but uses different display name to reply my email inquiry, so probably different CS staff replied me.


For example, customer services CS Jason is on duty, he uses item 1 this name to reply my email, next day, Jason is off but CS Brenda is on duty, she uses item 2 to reply my email.....and later Joe uses item 3 to reply my email.....etc.


1 ABC corporate CS - Jason <>
2 ABC corporate CS - Brenda <>
3 ABC corporate CS - Joe <>


I wonder if I can configure and use multi display names for only one email address ?

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Can any experts help?



There's nothing within O365 that allows for that. You can however use third party tools/add-ins if such functionality is needed, look them up online.

Thanks Vasil,

At least I know that there is nothing I can do on Exchange Admin Center.

Hi @liyy23, you can do that using  "ChooseFrom for Exchange Online" application.

Hi @Victor Ivanidze


Thanks, it is third party application.