Calling all Data Lovers!


DataLoveSMALL.pngAre you crazy about data and/or data-driven apps, typically using more than one data service and several data sources? Maybe you’re working with hundreds of rows and columns in Microsoft Excel, and/or petabytes of data in a data lake? In any case, if you believe that properly handled data can be informative, exciting, profitable, and maybe even fun, then this post is for you!

A new Twitter handle recently spawned regarding “Dataverse”, a very popular cloud data service for Low/No Code and Pro Developers using the Microsoft Power Platform. Dataverse easily structures a variety of business data to support inter-connected business applications and processes in a secure and compliant manner. It’s more than another database for sure, in my opinion it’s “the metaverse for data”, which also collaborates with all sorts of modern cloud services like BI, IoT, AI, ML, and even AR! :stareyes:


Check out the Twitter handle below and let me know here in the comments if there are particular topics you’d like to deep dive on, or just understand better. I’m happy to collaborate with worldwide partners and volunteers, who are data experts, to keep the conversation going around the globe in data-fans circles!


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