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Hi experts

i have exchange hybrid environment.

is it possible to share calender ie onpreme users to share calender to online users.
For example lets say is onpremises user and is exchange online user.
when my is logged in from outlook
Account Settings-Delegate Access- here when i try to Add Office 365 user( i am getting the below error
The user ' cannot be added. Non-Local users cannot be given rights on this server. i want to know is this feature supported

i have discussed this with my friend and he says to run the below command on prem but i am not sure what does it do.

set-sharingpolicy -identity "Default Sharing Policy" -Domains "", "anonymous:CalendarSharingFreeBusyReviewer" 

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Hi Rising,

Maybe your hybrid does not have free busy working, please test at and validate your free busy settings. You can also re-run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. After you correct your configuration the sharing will work.