Calendar "Save but do not Send" option gone after update

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We have Office 365 Pro Plus 1803.  When going from 1803 Build 9126.2259 to 9126.2356, this feature is gone.  I've tried this on various updated and not updated PCs.  Create an appointment in Outlook.  Send to recipients.  Go back in to that appointment and change anything on the subject line.  The earlier version gives you 3 options.  Save and Send, Save and Do Not Send, and Close and don't Save.  The later version has 2 options.  It's missing the Save and Do Not Send. I read release notes and see this. •Fixed a hang when creating new appointments or meetings that reference Japanese eras.

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This is a HUGE issue - It forces me to create ab additional event WITH teh changes so I can save it. A H U G E loss of productivity .

Satya Nadella - "Are you listening to your customers ?
You're replying to a post from 2019 with the named update version being 1803 released March 2018. You can save without send..


You are god sent.

Please call me and show me How (Cell 415-464-8232) . I do not get that option. r send an mail to

I am a community member, not Microsoft support. Just use the "save" button. Here's the first hit while doing a search
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My main problem is that I want to “save an event WITHOUT sending it” sometimes. I am not clear

1. What product I should buy.
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Please help .

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