Calendar for selecting office hours?

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A user needs to accomplish the following:

  • Post several time slots that she would be available to discuss a project. The phrase "available hours" below means this subset, not all of her free time.
  • Allow about a dozen externals (not in AAD) to view her available hours and to select one time slot with their name. 
  • Not to allow an external to view the time slots taken by other externals, or their names.
  • Each time someone selects a time slot, it becomes no longer available to the other externals.

Is this possible using any of M365?


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This sounds like a good case for Bookings or FindTime.
Nope, neither would work. Bookings would require manipulating free/busy time, because the times to offer are only a subset of the free time. FindTime, which is a gem, doesn't have the functionality needed.

Since posting, I've learned that what's needed is "choice elimination" functionality in Microsoft Forms. That does not exist, though it's offered in Google Forms.