Browser closes after clicking tiles


Is anyone else having an issue with Internet Explorer and Office 365. Sometimes, the browser closes after clicking on a tile e.g. mail.

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Not in my case!
Hi Llywelyn, i see you have more issues could it be that something is not right in your browser or pc? have you tried it on a Pc which is not in the company domain?

Hi Paul


It doesn't just happen on my Surface, but also on PCs and laptops, and to multiple users in our school.

It could well be an issue with our site wide installation, but hoped that somebody may have come across a similar issue and know the solution to it.


Haven't heard of this at all. What version of Internet Explorer are you running?

Have you tried disabling all add-ons and see if the problem still exists?

And yes, a test from a computer outside of your corporate environment would confirm if it's your tenant (unlikely, but not impossible) or your desktop build.