Blocking Top Level Domains

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Looking to see if anyone has successfully done this. I am trying to setup rules or something else, that would allow me to input all the top level domains, IE .ru, .ct, .xxx, etc, from being able to send to my orginization.  I have now spoken to three different MS support reps, and while two have told me to create new additional spam filter rules, and block them, the third just informed me that if i do that, all my other spam rules will be ignored.  I can build a transport rule, but am worried about blocking necessary emails.  Again, worked with the MS support, was told to create a rule to block .th domains, and the tech screwed it up so bad, that all messages with a th was blocked.  Spent an entire week trying to let everyone in my company that has a th in their name know about missing emails.  Has anyone successfully done this?  Cannot just add to the main spam rule for my company, as their is a limitation of like 1048 or something like that, that will not allow me to get the full list we want added.  Thanks.

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If this is EXO, will the International Spam settings on Protection > Spam Filter achieve what you're wanting to do? Here, you can select "Filter email messages written in the following languages" and "Filter email messages sent from the following countries or regions".