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How is the backup process in O365? One customer ask me about it.

It is possible to restore on document level? 


The customer uses mainly SharePoint online in O365.




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Hi Stefan,


Here you have the Restore options in SharePoint Online -


How to recover missing, deleted or corrupted items in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business,-deleted-or-corrupted-items-...



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Short answer: not possible. You have to go for third party tools in order to have a realiable backup/restore strategy for your organization

Hava look at this as well, it helped us promote the need for a backup solution (AvePoint, MetaVis etc.):


Sharepoint Online Backup & Restore

Hi Stefan,


there is not yet a granular backup/recovery solution out of the box but you can propose a feature request under


I'm pretty sure that many customers might like a solution that supports item level restore of O365 workloads as well as archiving possibilities for compliance regulatories.




Stefan, As workaround, you can map the Sharepoint Online into Windows Explorer, and make backup with any useful tool as you prefer. This can be an option to easily backup job.
Mmmm...and what about document versions and metadata? and about lists? I don't see this option as a workaround
For save files, yes. But if you need export and save all info and configs used into Sharepoint, only third-party tool will be compatible.

Hi Stefan,


I agree with Juan, your customer will need a 3rd party office 365 backup solution to securely backup and restore documents at a granular level. There are many vendors that offer automated email, calendar, contact and tasks back up plans with daily backup options. Which vendor you choose will most likely depend on your client's company/business needs, whether they require backups for On-cloud, on-premise, Windows, Mac or mobile deployments. Other details to consider are pricing, the level of support they need (24/7, In person, or online during business hours), content management features, backup time and frequency, etc. 


I've created a comparison table of some of the vendors and their tool features which may be helpful. 


[disclaimer: I work for Cloudally, but the source of the comparison data here is taken solely from the Capterra cloud reviews and pricing site for 2019.]



Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do.
Hi Stefan,

If you are considering a 3rd-party solution, you can also check TECH-ARROW's solution (contentACCESS). They also provide O365 archive (as a SaaS solution or as on-premises solution) and have very good client integration, so your users can access or recover documents directly from the archive without any admin interaction.

More info here:

Hope this helps!

@Stefan Kießig it is possible with the help of third-party tools. While researching this topic I have found a great affordable and fast one, it has the possibility to backup Microsoft Teams chats as well.


You can get 1 Year of Free Data Protection. No commitment. No hassle.





@Stefan Kießig 

Worth to take a look and try Veeam as 3rd party tools:


Backup Office 365 data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Kernel Office 365 Backup is another excellent tool which you can try to backup your data from O365 account. It has all the advanced features to backup your data in quick time.

Check out the software details at