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Hi everyone,
I activated a tenant for a customer.
I have activated outlook and other apps which are in 365.

I need to make backup Outlook and Sharepoint files, but I don't know how.

Any suggestions?




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For what purpose? Do you know how data is stored and managed in Office 365?

Short answer is you don’t have too. You can setup retention policies instead. If you want to spend the money you have to looks for 3rd party solutions if you want separate backups but I think most of us don’t and utilize retention.
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By the way, Microsoft does not provide tools for doing any kind of backup so if this is something your customer requires you have to take a look at third party vendors, evaluate their backup tools and determine if they fit your customer requirements

Hey, @duppino 

As a software expert, I recommend you to use professional tool available in the market to backup your Office 365 data. The professional software named Office 365 Backup and Recovery is one of the best professional tool available in the market that can backup your Office emails in less time and effort.  You can use this professional utility as per your requirements. 


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@duppino As you know, Microsoft does not provide users with a backup solution, and that's unfortunate. So the best remaining choice is for you to use a third-party app for your backups. Fortunately, the market is full of them, so you'll have a lot of options. I looked at most of them, and is a clear front runner for me. With AI-powered cloud ransomware detection, you'll know that your data is safe.