Azure Key Vault Subscription.

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Hey Guys, 


Trying to go through this documentation here: and am stuck on the first step which is to create 2 new Azure Subscriptions. 


How might i got about doing that ?  for setting up customer key vault? I am not able to find any actual directions that take me step by step through the process. 


Here is what it says: 


Two Azure subscriptions are required for Customer Key. As a best practice, Microsoft recommends that you create new Azure subscriptions for use with Customer Key. Azure Key Vault keys can only be authorized for applications in the same Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant, you must create the new subscriptions using the same Azure AD tenant used with your Office 365 organization where the DEPs will be assigned.


Every link I click on from those pages always takes me back to "Sign up for Azure" or something similar, except that i already have azure. i also have Enterprise EMS+ Licenses. 


So from within Azure when i try to create a new subscription it takes to an option page to sign up for another free trial or pay as you go or to select purchase support. 


All i need to do is to add the customer key subscription. Any Ideas. Here is the getting started with azure documentation:


That document tells you how to connect to your Subscription, but doesnt tell you how to create a new subscription. 





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