Avoid mails being moved to junk for certain recipient

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I am using my Office 365 mail account for a number of incoming mail accounts. For my main mail address I get too many false positive junk mails. For all the others addresses a false positive does not matter that much. Is there an option or a possible rule to disable junk mail filtering for just my main mail address?

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I would suggest looking into why the messages are being marked as false positive. In many cases, this can be caused by Outlook's junk add-in, and yes you should totally disable this one. You can toggle it server side as well via the Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration cmdlet. Or you can also configure a separate spam policy for it via the controls in the SCC.


You should also report each of the false positives via the Report add-in, so that Microsoft adjusts the filters.

@Ricardo Viana I do that all the time, but of course there are new senders all the time and again I'll be getting false positives.

@Vasil Michev When I am looking at the Junk Mail Options in the Outlook 365 desktop client, then I am looking at options that are actually being used server-side, right? At least I can see the same safe senders when I am setting the options in the Outlook web client. Or what are you referring to with "Outlook junk add-in"?


I was hoping that there is a simple possibility, e.g. a server site rule, that allows to exclude my main email address from being junk filtered. BTW, outlook classified the notifications sent from this forum as junk.

No, you are looking at the client-side Junk settings, some of which are synced with the server. As I said above, figure out which filter is responsible for marking the messages, then take any appropriate actions. This article gives you detailed instructions: https://www.slipstick.com/outlook/rules/moved-message-junk-email-folder/


Generally speaking, adding safe senders via Outlook should resolve the issue, but you should still check why the messages are being marked in the first place.

@Vasil Michev I get it now, thanks. But all my junk messages are moved to the junk mail folder by the server - that's what it says in Outlook on the top of all messages. So I guess I would only be able to avoid marking some messages as junk by altering the server rules - which I think I can not. At least there are no specific server-side rules that I can see.


So I guess my initial idea - setting up the server site junk mail rules to not filter mails that were sent to specific recipients - is not doable.

In general you should speak to your IT folks to adjust the filtering rules as needed. You can whitelist some addresses via Outlook/OWA, and that will help some messages bypass filtering, but it really depends on many factors, most importantly the reason messages are being flagged as spam in the first place.