Autosave deletes my files

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**bleep** you office 365
I finish working on my document
I turn off the pc
Tomorrow I switch on back to check my work.
I find a **bleep**ing blank page
Somehow autosave replaces the new document with the old one !!!
How **bleep**ed up is that !!!!
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Check the history of the file? see when last change happened! Also a version should been created! Select the file -> version history, select a version earlier than the latest ( You can see the time and date created)



Tried it earlier, no unsaved documents.
This morning when I checked the document it was ok, when my laptop got connected to the internet it was replaced by an earlier version.
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Found the new verison on onedrive.
Must be something happening on that laptop! Do you have any applications open?
Also note that you can turn off auto save for any document if needed, and turn it on again!

Great to hear! 


/ Adam