Automatically upload "too large" email attachments to onedrive/sharepoint with public link

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If i drag a 50mb file to an email, outlook.exe says "no" and tells me to use some upload site.


If i do the same thing at, instead of rejecting the file, it uploads it to google-drive and automatically adds a url to the email.


Outlook should do the same with onedrive or sharepoint

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Actually Outlook have this too, but it’s not working if the file is too big as you say!

If you add a file from ex Onedrive it will ask you to attach it as a onedrive link and also an option to attach as a copy!

If you attach a local file you can then click upload and choose a site or your Onedrive and it will automatically attach it as a link!

It would be great if it did this automatically if the filesize exceeds the limit!

Please make a request for this on the outlook uservoice:


There is a uservoice open for this here

Would recommend you vote on it and get others to do so as it’s a great idea. I would like to see this too.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hi @adam deltinger


For the local option you said "If you attach a local file you can then click upload and choose a site or your Onedrive and it will automatically attach it as a link!"


Where do i click "upload" in outlook.exe when i drag and drop a file?

Thanks @Christopher Hoard but thats outdated outlook 2016 and this is for outlook 365

@adam deltinger  Its odd that the uservoice link doesn't have an option for outlook.exe 365, only outdate 2016 and

If the file is within the limit, it will add itself as an attachment! Right click it and click upload! But as you say, not working when it exceeds the limit

@adam deltinger thank you!  i had no idea that option was there for smaller files....


Its interesting that it still sends an attachment, but instead of the file its an html (vs url in the body) but still good.


Hope they enable this for too large files...i wonder if there is a registry edit

I’d say they probably prioritized something else than updating the versions! I’m pretty sure it’s active!
It’s possible to increase the filesize up to 150 mb also

@adam deltinger How?  by IT on the server?


I don't think they want to store all these large files on the email server, so the restriction makes sense

Yes by admin, but I agree! Using links are more efficient any day

@adam deltinger 

Although i would think storage space from microsoft for email or onedrive should be at the same rate


If my IT increased the max to 150mb, that might help internal sharing, but would external parties be able to receive or would it get blocked by their mail system as too large? 

Yeah, that’s correct! In their end they must allow to receive the actual filesize!

Also there are other caveats!
You can read more about it here:

As I said, sending links are way better and keeps it to 1 version as well instead of making copies!
I’d suggest you upload your bigger files to onedrive and attach it in Outlook from there! It should then attach it as a link

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with 6 votes in 1 year, it will never get added. that uservoice is like yelling into a well....posts with 6000 votes have not be implemented, this one will never be

@adam deltingerI hate gmail with a passion, but i'd rather use gmail it for larger files then waste my time going to onedrive, upload the file there, then waste my time putting the link into an email somewhere else.


Microsoft really needs to connect these 2 simple dots...but since they don't pay any attention to customers our the uservoice site, this will never change