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Hi, I need send a automatic reply when a person write to a email that is a Distribution List, in the Rules I can't check "reply" and not exists "automatic reply" in the Distribution... How can resolve it?


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You have to add a mailbox to the group, then add the auto response onto this mailbox.

I need reply only if you write a the email group, if I set autoreply I reply to all person... 

I create a distribution listi and when arrive a email I need reply from sender "we have received... you privacy ecc"


Can you let us know the exact requirement here, have you considered using "MailTip" for the distribution lists?


I need create a account and all email are send to 3/4 person... when a person write at this account receive back a email with a statict text


I have create a email in to email group with "distribution list" and I have add 4 user and is all ok, when a person write at the other 4 person receive the email... now I want reply at the sender a text "We have received your messagge.... bla bla bla"



Nobody have this problem?

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This article may come in handy:


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