Automatic Replies being returned when sending to All Users Dynamic Distribution Group as of July

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It appears that recently this month a change has occurred somewhere that is causing messages sent out to All Users a Dynamic Distribution Group, to received Automatic Replies from those that have it active.  We have several old accounts still active with Auto Replies setup for informational purposes.  This has not been an issue prior to July.  The last several years we have used the ALL Users for company wide announcements and information.  Can anyone attest to similar issues with their All Users Dynamic Group?  Is anyone aware of any changes pushed out recently in Office 365 that could have caused this or is there a way for us to disable the receipt of the Auto replies when sending messages to a Dynamic Group?


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Check the value of the SendOofMessageToOriginatorEnabled property.

@Vasil Michev  I checked the value and it is set to False.   I will try to set it to True and then back to False and see if that makes a difference.




Well apart from that, run a message trace to get some better idea why those replies are being sent out, perhaps someone is forwarding, etc.

@Vasil Michev So it appears that changing the value of SendOofMessageToOriginatorEnabled to True and then back to False has corrected the issue. Thanks for you assistance in locating this property for the DDG.