Automatic connection in Word, Excel, etc.

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I have a little question. When I deploy computer with MDT, I installed Office 365 package (Word, Excel, etc.) during deployment.

I would know if it's possible to connect automatically my user in Word, Excel ?

Because, the Windows user is the same as Office 365, we use Azure AD Connect for this, and we use Business Premium to activate our Office package.


I attached a screenshot (in French sorry...)


Thank you in advance.

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If you have any form of SSO configured (AD FS, or PSH/PTA with Azure AD Seamless SSO), it should log you in automatically. Any version above 16.0.8730.XXXX should support this.

Thank you.

I don't have AD FS for the moment...


I will have a look on this later.


Another question, is it possible to activate automatically Office package without AD FS or not with the user email address?

As @Vasil Michev said, using seamless SSO which you setup in ADconnect can enable automatic activation!

What do you want to use to activate?? You use the UPN (normally the mail address)

I don't know the Seamless SSO.

We use a version older than 1.1.880.0 of AADC, so I can see only "Synchronize Password" and "AD FS".


If I understand, I have to update before.


Normally we use the UPN, and I thought it existed command line argument or script (like oscpp.vbs) to activate with the UPN.


I would suggest updating to latest version!


Here is information about Seamless SSO:


/ Adam