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Good day,
for a long long time I've been looking for this solution...
When I write a mail, I want the mail address to be completed automatically. This has only worked for the last few years if I start the input with the first letters of the mail. But if I start with the domain name, for example, no mail address is ever suggested!
I have never found a solution to this problem and am now trying my luck here in this forum. I would be very happy if someone could help me!

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I believe this is by design, the feature only works for the "user" part of the address, not the domain.

Hello, @Dachlatte, in your case, I would suggest these open source projects, which will help with reading MS Outlook autocomplete files:


1. debunk2 ( is entirely free to use for anyone.
2. NK2Edit ( is accessible for free only in cases of non-commercial usage.
3. NK2View ( Freeware.


Here you can learn more about autocomplete issues and how to solve them:


If you are using a corporate Microsoft 365 account, NAKIVO for Microsoft 365 is highly recommended, as in case of any system failure you will have the possibility to recover your important business data.