Auto "send as" to answer a mail like

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i would like my users could have "2 emails".

One email for to discuss and acces groups in the company
and another one to discuss with customers


What is the best way to do it ?  It seems "alias" is not possible to answer with it.
A shared box is not fun because of they are two differents emails in the panel.
Maybe a distrubtion list is the best solution but i would like too that when a customer send email to "", the user can automatically answer from it (without changing "from")


To resume :

the user receive email in the same OWA from "jean.dupond" or "support" and can automatically answer from the adresse he has received.



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Either solution would do, using a shared mailbox will allow you to configure an autoreply message if needed and in general more freedom with organizing messages and replies (when using DG they will be stored in your mailbox instead).

I don't want a autoreply, i want that the adress who respond is automatically the adress who has receveid the mail.

Hi Jonathan,


have a look at ChooseFrom 365 cloud service.