Authentication issues with Outlook 365 and Teams

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Some users are experiencing signin issues with Outlook and Teams. 

When they start their laptops there is no authentication issue but after a while during the day Outlook has a connection problem and teams comes with the message that you have to sign in


Those users can use the webversion of Outlook and Teams with no issues


The version they are running is Version 2205 (Build 15225.20204)

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Can you share the error messages stating you need to reconnect?
User is not getting any error messages. Upon trying to login in Teams it just says logging on in Dutch. Outlook freezes completely. The only way to fix it is to restart the laptop . Than it works again for a couple of hours. We even tried resetting the laptop to factory defaults and reinstall the device. That too doesn't fix the issue
Anything interesting in the log file for Teams?

Loading Outlook in Safe mode?
Starting Outlook in Safe mode doesn't make a difference.

In the teams log i saw this.

Thu Jun 02 2022 15:46:20 GMT+0200 (Midden-Europese zomertijd) <3736> -- error -- [DesktopConfig] Get SignedInActiveUserByCloud Undefined value: UserAccounts existed: true, cloudType existed: false
Thu Jun 02 2022 15:46:20 GMT+0200 (Midden-Europese zomertijd) <3736> -- error -- Can not get UserProfile for active signed in user
We already delete teams cache. When we do that Teams is stuck on loading.
Trusted sites are as described