Attachments cannot be viewed/seen in New outlook 16.66.1 on MacOS



MacOS: 12, 11

Office 365 for desktop: 16.66.1


When in the new outlook, emails with attachments cannot be seen in the main email body.  Via the reading pane AND when popped out.  When you press forward, you can then see the attachments.


When reverting back to legacy, attachments can be seen also.

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@AngryRabbit I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Very annoying. Microsoft, please FIX!

I have a user who experince the same. Is there any solution?
same issue on a few devices did you find a fix
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@Keno222 So I can confirm that this issue was occurring in the following environment and upgrading MacOS Big Sur to the latest 11.7.1 as of this post solved the issue! Thank you for the link explaining this bug!


MacOS Big Sur.pngOutlook MacOS.png

i can also confirm after upgrading to 11.7.x all is working well