Attach groups to subdomaines

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In my O365 test Tenant, i have a verified domain and a verified subdomain


I have crated two groups : Employees and Students.


How can i attach goup 'Employees' to Domain A and group 'Students' to domain B so that when i create acsount, email for 'Employees' have and 'Students' will have extentions.


I we cannot do this by linking groups to subdomains, how can i do this ?


Thank you a lot

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Hi @Mabahma 


Would setting up a New User Template resolve this issue for you?


One template would use the domain, and the other the when creating the user.


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Thank you


I have done this but i can't see the template in Azure ad?




Is there any other way to do this in O365 or in the linked Azure AD ?

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I've always used the portal to set up and use the templates > users, active users




Then click on the 'user templates'.




If you've created a template already (I think you just mentioned you had?) then click on the template name and fill out the rest. If you, you can add a template with the 'Add template'


So far as I am aware, these templates only work in not in the Azure AD Portal itself.