ATP licenses for shared mailboxes?


I know shared mailboxes don't require and ATP license but say I have a user (Bob) that has a mailbox with his own ATP license but he's also a member of a shared mailbox "". Will he be protected under his mailbox ATP license for any emails coming into the info@ shared mailbox or will I need to apply an ATP license to the Info shared mailbox to protect all members?

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@Paul Storic 


AFAIK you need to apply the ATP license to the shared mailbox.. without that your mailbox is not protected by ATP.




Robin Nishad


@Paul Storic  ATP is a Feature which does the additional sentinel work for individual mailboxes at the Backend level & not User Level. So if i have access to a Mailbox, doesn't mean the features available because of benefit license (like ATP or EO Plan 2 archiving ) would be applicable to mine as well. ATP is available for per mailbox level usage and hence doesn't protect Owner's or Delegate access mailboxes.


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