At what stage a feature is announced in Office 365 message centre

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I understand that there are various stages (pre-release, private preview, public preview and so on) that each Office 365 feature has to go through before it appears in our Office 365 message centre. At what stage Microsoft decides that a specific feature is announced/published in our Office 365 Message centre tenant?




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Its when the feature is ready for general rollout and theres an ETA for it
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@Justin_J945 this is a great question that, unfortunately, does not have a good answer. 

This is how it supposed to work 


However, It is very inconsistent, each app/service team handles this differently and many of them do not even use the Targeted Release process. This issue has existed for many years and continues to be a source of frustration for many of us. 

While some features are deployed to individual users that have been identified as Targeted Release participants, others are sent to Tenants that are flagged as Targeted while others are not deployed to either of these and they just show up.