Assign E3 plan to user for unattended use?

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We're currently using a specific user to automate processes/tasks on a server. These run unattended via scheduled tasks.

One of the applications to be automated is Excel. However there is the old 2013 version installed. As I require the newer Office 365 versions I asked our IT to assign a E3 office plan to that user running the tasks on that server.

Another use case is, that the credentials of that user shall be used in a flow in PowerAutomate/Flow. Since I want to collaborate with colleagues on a flow that automated business processes, but explicitly do not want my colleagues have access to the flow connections in my name. Our IT policy explicitly forbids me to disclose my credentials to colleagues, and sharing my flow-connections with other users us basically the same.

So I need that user to have its own office E3 plan.

There are however reservations regarding the legality of that approach. Specifically they say that this might not be in line with licensing requirements if the plan is assigned to a non-personalised user account (i.e. the automation account).

Is this true? If it is, I guess we would be better of buying a stand alone version of, say, Excel 2016 instead of adding to our already existing o365 subscription.

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This shouldn't be a problem, unless you are sharing the account with someone.

Thanks for your quick reply Vasil.
That account is dedicated to use in automation scenarios, and is not used on workstations.

But still, all of our employees have a E3 plan (at least) anyway.