As a users, can admin access my one drive file?

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I have just got an Office365 account as a user, I want to ask if I upload some files with private access in my OneDrive or cloud storage. Did as an administrator still can access all of my files

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An Office 365 Admin can potentially become Admin of your ODFB, so he/she could access all your files

@Juan Carlos González Martín OMG,

Are there any options for us to make our files more protected, even as administrator

Actually no, because a global admin will ever be able to "hijack" your account by resetting the credentials.

This is because the files hosted in your company's one drive, are company files. For your private files, use a private one drive. You can use a private and a company one drive together without problems.

If your company has Office E3 or higher, your admin will be able to publish sensitivity-labels, where the creator of the file can encrypt it, so that it can only encrypted by the creator or other users with access (there are multiple configuration options).

For more information, please check this link:
And remember. Even with a personal OneDrive. If you are using a company a company issued domain computer and you sync your personal files. They can technically also access your personal files that way. So don’t sync if your worried about admins snooping files or use your business computer in general and sync the files.

But honestly if that’s happening you should be reporting it to HR/Legal because they should not be snooping through your files without legal reasons.
Can I aware when admin access my personal files from some Logs or Activities from office365 services
actually I got this account from someone who sells in an online shop, but after I paid I have just aware that I becoming his user
So I was afraid and did not dare to upload my files in my OneDrive storage

@bimalaksana No, you cant. So, you bought a office 365 license online, and and he just added you to his own tenant? This looks like a fraud. Can you tell us which version of office 365 you bought?

Definitely not legal, he can access all of your data if he wants. You should only purchase this from Microsoft directly or reputable resellers.
Oke, thank you so much...
I will just ignore it, and not use it any longer
can you recommend me some reputable resellers or where I can access it?
You can buy the home version directly from Microsoft. If you are located in Europe you can also buy it from big resellers like MediaMarkt or Saturn (germany).