Are there costs for sharing data between SharePoint and Access?

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My firm have an E3 licence and I was recently told that there would be costs sharing data between on premise SQL databases and Office365 apps such as PowerApps. I want to connect to a SharePoint list in an Access database but haven't found any information on whether this would incur additional cost. Can someone please advise?

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@mikepat I don't think there is any addition cost involved. Although you can save an Access database file to OneDrive or a SharePoint document library, it is recommended that you avoid opening an Access database from these locations. The file may be downloaded locally for editing and then uploaded again once you save your changes to SharePoint. If more than one person opens the Access database from SharePoint, multiple copies of the database may get created and some unexpected behaviors may occur. This recommendation applies to all types of Access files including a single database, a split database, and the .accdb, .accdc, .accde, and .accdr file formats. 


There are only a few good reasons to import SharePoint list into an Access database:

  • To permanently move data, such as a contacts list, to an Access database, because you no longer need the information on your SharePoint site. You can import the list into Access, and then delete the list from the SharePoint site.

  • Your department or workgroup uses Access, but you are occasionally pointed to a SharePoint list for additional data that must be merged into one of your databases.