Apple Mac file migration to Onedrive/Sharepoint

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We want to move our Apple Mac files to Office365 Sharepoint.
We thought we could just copy them onto the local Onedrive and  they would copy up, however we have hundreds of errors.

It looks like mainly due to incompatibilty in the supported naming conventions on the Mac and Sharepoint/Onedrive.


Does anyone know of any tool we could use to migrate Apple Mac files to 365 Sharepoint that would help rename or resolve the issue during the move?




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Hey @Pn1995,


Not a mac user, but i see your pain as onedrive won't fix the files automatically for you. I have heard of a tool on itunes called name mangler. There is way to do it via terminal as well but I would say use it with caution, testing out on a few files, as there is always a risk of ending up changing the file extensions while renaming files. Refer the following article for characters you need to rename :


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