Any plans for multiple calendar feeds in the calendar/agenda view in desktop Outlook's To-Do Bar?

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Like many, I have a personal MS account and one for work. Outlook itself accomodates these OK, and there's a new multiple accounts UI in the pipeline, but the calendar module in To-Do Bar frustrates me.


The To-Do Bar's tasks module grabs Outlook Tasks and flagged emails across multiple accounts wonderfully.

Outlook's calendar view proper can overlay my personal and work calendar feed fine, and the left sidebar highlights days with appointments from both calendars just fine.

Hell, the agenda views in Outlook Mobile happily show both calendar feeds in the same view, color coded so they're easy to differentiate.


Yet, somehow, the To-Do Bar sidebar on the desktop
1. doesn't highlight days with appointments, and

2. only shows the default calendar. This makes it rather useless for its actual function ie. showing an agenda since it will inevitably miss something.


Are there any plans to make it show multiple feeds in the near future, or are we at the mercy of multiple people getting annoyed enough in UserVoice to get action on this?

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