An interesting problem related to office-excel

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Hi friends, I met a problem when using excel that really expect your help:

When I create a new excel workbook, and input numbers eg. 123, it will show 123.

 But when I input 12.3, it will show 12. Mar.

Ok...I change the format to numbers, and input 12.3, it show 43536.00.

Wierd. I change the format to text, and input 12.3, okay it show 12.3. However, it cannot be used for calculation.


Anyone can help me on this interesting problem?

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Select all cells (top left corner arrow)
Right click on shaded cells
Select "Format Cells..."
On "Number" tab, highlight 'General'
Click "OK"

hi@AccotinkCaptain thank you sooooo much for giving me the reply!! lol

I tried but...nowhere to select general on number tab. Did I made something wrong or my excel is not good? Here is the pic


I see 'General' on the left bar (Unless that's not what you're talking about)!

On the left side bar Under "Category:" Select 'General'



@Lilith0323 Yup! Then click "OK" 

now try typing the numbers in the cell, see if that worked