Allow or block sign-in of Room & Equipment Resource related user accounts

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Is there a difference in behavior when sign-in of room & equipment resource user accounts are allowed vs. blocked? Is there security wise an advice regarding this? So, must sign-in of these resource related user accounts be allowed or blocked?


Why this question?

In our latest tenants the user accounts related to room & equipment resources have a sign-in status of allowed. However, on other older tenants these resource related user accounts have a sign-in status of blocked. I don't see any difference in behavior, but maybe I missed something. See attached screenshots regarding these resource related user accounts.

I can imagine that blocking sign-in of the resource related user accounts is more secure, but I'm not 100% sure. So looking forward to your views and advice on this.

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Depends on the use I suppose. If you have room system devices, those use an account to enable certain functionalities and thus need to be enabled. For regular "placeholder" rooms, it shouldn't matter.