Allow Meeting Room Delegates to see only the Organizer of Private Meetings

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I have a client who needs a meeting room to be set up so that:


Clients can book private meetings

Room Admins can see only the organizer and no other details for private meetings

Room Admins can see all details of other meetings

Users with default permissions can not see any of the content including the organiser


I have managed to get close to this configuration as I have allowed the private meeting flag and set tha appropriate permissions for the admins. I have also set the system to add the meeting organiser to the subject.


The part I have an issue with is that the only way I can see to allow the admins to access any details is to use OWA to change the Room mailbox so that delegates can see private meetings and then make them delegates of that mailbox. The issue there is that I think if I do that they will see all details as that's their permissions on the room mailbox and if I restrict those then that will apply to all entries?


Does anyone have a clever way around this?


Thanks in advance,



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Rooms are not really designed for "private" meetings. If you don't want others to be able to see the details of a meeting, adjust the default permissions on the room calendar, or use the -DeleteSubject, -DeleteComments, -DeleteAttachments parameters for Set-CalendarProcessing to adjust the room configuration.