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Hi Experts

I am using exchange 2010 hybrid environment, i have distribution groups in Exchange onprem and Exchange online. From powershell syntax how can i know if it is onprem or oncloud.


2. for onprem distribution group lets say i have a group and its alias is onpremDL, i want to create another Alias to this, how can i create another alias. i dont see any option to add addition alias, can i add additional email address will it work for me, how can i do this from shell.


3. i have same requirement for cloudDL, experts guide me.

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Hello@Roger Roger ! 


There are several ways to get this done. 
I'll give you one GUI based method and one PowerShell /Exchange Shell method 


GUI Version: 

  1. Open EMC ( Exchange Management Console ) on your Exchange server
  2. Go to "Recipient Configuration-->Distribution Group" 
  3. Right click your distribution group and choose "properties" 
  4. Choose the "E-mail addresses" tab 
  5. Click add

Shell method:

  1. Open up EMS ( Exchange Management Shell ) 
  2. Type the following commands note that my groups name is sales, replace sales with your own group. Also replace "" with your wished alias.

$Group = Get-DistributionGroup "sales"

$Group.EmailAddresses +="" 

Set-DistributionGroup -Identity "sales" -EmailAddresses $Group.EmailAddresses


The 3 above commands will do the following

1: Gets the Distribution group and saves it to a variable called $Group

2: It gets the current email addresses of the group and then adds "" to that list in the variable

3: Sets the groups email addresses using the list from the $Group variable. 


Let me know if this helps!
Feel free to mark my reply as a solution if it did


If you have more questions, let me know! 


Kind Regards
Oliwer Sjöberg