Alias in Exchange Online

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in On-premise we have MailNickname (ex: CXKII).

we used AAD-Connect for synchronization but in Outlook the Alias is Username.Lastname.

what should be done so that the Alias in Exchange Online be the same as Mailnickname in On-premise?


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Have you looked at synchronization transformation rules? discusses a similar issue.



They are similar just in using Rule/AAD Connect.

but how can I change the rule for this case? my case is not similar to last,first to first,last name.

I want also test first for one user and test then for all other uesrs...



Now that you have a start, have a look for other examples online that manipulate synchronization rules and see if you can find a good fit. If not, I'm afraid that you'll have to do some research and figure it out for yourself. And if you do, document what you did and share it with the community...