Alias allowing external sender to be forwarded to another external receiver

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We're a small organisation with a few o365 accounts only. We work closely with an election committee that currently consists of two external email accounts. 


I would like to setup an alias (i.e. that forwards external and internal emails to the external email accounts mentioned above. 


This is a basic feature with our recent web/email hosting company, but I have only found solutions for this to work with internal users/senders in Office 365.


In short: sends an email to and it gets forwarded to and

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Simply create a distribution group for and two external contact objects for the two addresses, then add them as members of the group. If you want to keep a copy of each message sent to that address, you can also use a Shared mailbox/Office 365 group or simply add any other mailbox as member of the group.

Thank you! That was an easy solution to my problem! :)