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Hi i am new to office 365.
one of my user is getting the below alert.
'You only have accesss to existing or certain alerts due to your expired subscription for Office 365 Analyticsalerting. To reactivate the full experience. Please renew your subscription.

Where do i need to check in Office 365. what could be the issue

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What kind of alerts are you looking for?

Seems they were in a myanalytics trial and it expired? Would check licenses if not and assign them my analytics or the other analytics license if you have it. Can’t think of it off the topic of my head.
I can only think of the following: Was your organisation trialling Workplace Analytics is some way and the trial has ended? The user was enrolled in My Analytics under E5 and the user has been moved to another Enterprise licence such as E1 or E3 which requires an add on licence. Your global administration has failed to renew add on licences. Your global administration has reallocated the add on licence to another user. Copying @Peter Bergen and @Nathan Barnett for their thoughts. You may need to raise a support ticket if none of the above applies There is a dedicated Office 365 Analytics community here which may answer too. Hope this helps!

when i click licenses i dont see any analytics license?

For My Analytics you require an E5 or add on licence. Speak with your Global Admin or whoever manages your Office 365 licensing. Without licensing any trial which has expired would generate the error you see.

currently i can see the users license O365 enterprise E3,

so is it that user might have been earlier in E5 and moved to E3

To be clear, an E5 licence or an E1 or E3 PLUS the add-on licence is required for My Analytics. If there are available add on licences your admin can enable the user. Otherwise you will need to purchase new licences. If a user was previously on E5 and moved to E3 they would be unlicensed and the error you see results.

plz clear my confurstion

lets say my user used Office 365 Enterprise E5 trial and he has moved to Office 365 Enterprise E3.

What i understand is Analytics in under E5 license and if the user moves to Office 365 Enterprise E3, he will get this alert as an add on license is required for it. i see below deprovisioned licenses.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 Trial
Exchange Online Protection Trial
Office 365 Enterprise E1
Office 365 Enterprise E3
Office 365 Enterprise E5 without Audio Conferencing Trial
Office 365 ProPlus Trial